total supply: 100 000 000 PEW

45% fair launch

30% liquidity pool

10% referral bonus

10% community fund

5% degen bonus


$PEW is a crypto coin of culture with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. Some people are getting ridiculously rich but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll join the party. PEW is to used to hit the jackpot, getting laid and for entertainment purposes only.

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$PEW contract address:


//the $pew coin fair launch

The $Pew coin Fair Launch allows users to go over the hard cap. If they do, $Pew tokens will be distributed proportionally, and any extra money (ETH) will be returned to the Fair Launch participants

fair launch hard cap

200 ETH

personal cap:

min 0.03 ETH, max 3 ETH

$pew price

~0.0000045 ETH

//buy token

The amount of $PEW received after the Fair Launch ends depends on the total amount raised. For example, if the Hard Cap is exceeded by 100%, participants will only be able to claim 50% of their $PEW purchase, and half of the sent ETH will be refunded

total raised



//buy $pew

As more users participate, the amount of tokens bought by each participant might be diluted. Buy more to maintain a higher share.

0 $PEW

Based on the current participation


//referral leaderboard

The amount of $Pew received for referring is determined by the share of all ETH referred to the fair launch by the user